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Our Mission is summarized in three words:
Helping People Prosper

When expanded, we say it is: The Planning Process of Prospering People through their Potential for Productivity and Pfun.
And we call it The NCS, 7P program.  © 1986 - National Consulting Services


NCS was founded in 1978 after several entrepreneurial business owners had asked us for help revitalizing their companies. When their growth had outstripped what training and experience they had to maintain well organized and prospering companies, they came seeking answers and help.  Since then we have successfully assisted many entrepreneurs work through their problems with growth or the need to downsize.

Along the way, I discovered that working with people who want to embrace change when they are stuck, was much more fulfilling than trying to persuade people who talked wanting change, but in reality had no desire to change themselves - just others.

When my wife went through a two day LifePlan™ in 1997, I watched her become a more mature, productive, and happy person - so naturally, I followed her lead and had a two-day LifePlan™ of my own.  During those two days, I discovered a large piece of God's design in my life, and that becoming a LifePlan™ facilitator would be the most natural fit for my gifts, passions and ultimate joy.    I became certified as a LifePlan Facilitator and Coach shortly thereafter.

For the past fourteen years I've been facilitating the LifePlanning™ process and have seen the Holy Spirit direct the participant to their God honoring living.  






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